Performance Arena

Vander Double Wheel of Death

The Vander Wheel of Death is a 9-metre steel structure that revolves around a central axis with an open-sided steel cage on each end. There are 2 artistes that perform on the Double Wheel. With body momentum they get the Wheel to spin faster which then allows them to do jumps and flips in the inside. The Artistes then get onto the Outside of the Rings and perform blind-folded, juggling, skipping. No Net, No Wires, No Fear, just 100% Concentration
Established in 1987, Vander Wheel of Death has performed at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee with the Double Wheel in 2002 as well as many performances all over the world.

Drakes of Hazard

Always a crowd pleaser, Mark Wylie is back in 2022 with his Drakes of Hazard.  They guarantee to entertain, enthral, enchant and educate both young and old alike.  You’ll be amazed at the skill as man and dog work together in harmony to control, direct and navigate a troop of fearless Indian Runner Ducks around an obstacle course.

Mark started this show in the picturesque village of Luss, on the banks of Loch Lomond, where he farms 1000 acres of rough hill ground. The shows, together with Mark’s comical commentary, were so popular with locals and tourists alike that it wasn’t long before Mark found himself supplying his premier arena entertainment performances for Fetes, Festivals, Galas, Agricultural shows, Game Fairs and even Weddings all over the country.

As seen on Blue Peter – When the Blue Peter team heard about The Drakes of Hazard, action man presenter Matt Baker and his border collie Meg, who are more used to rounding up sheep on Matt’s family farm, were eager to test their herding skills with the drakes.