Mountain Bike Track

Come and ride the Muckmedden Mobile Bike Track!

Muckmedden will have a fleet of 2022 Spec Frog Bikes and helmets to cover all sizes including adult bikes, kids’ bikes, and balance bikes.

The Track will include different mountain bike trail features such as:

  • Rollers (small humps or mounds which can be “pumped” or jumped to generate speed between corners).
  • Berms (banked corners to allow riders to lean the bike further and carry higher speeds).
  • Table-top (a flat-topped ‘box’ with ramps either side which can be rolled or jumped).
  • Skinny (a narrow section of track which set either at ground level or raised to create a bridge).
  • Rumble Strip (a bumpy section surfaced with half-logs to simulate riding over rocks and roots).
  • Drop-off (a raised step that you must drop off – landing on both wheels at the same time).

There is no additional charge for using the cycle track. The track is provided by


From 12noon till 5.00pm Saturday

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