Cowal Music Tent


For the Cowal Gathering 2022, we had some great acts including Tide Line, Rhuvaal, The American Rogues, and Eabhal. Look forward to some great acts and traditional Scottish music.


We are delighted to welcome back Rhuvaal, a young, fun and energetic traditional band based in Argyll, Scotland. Originating as a school ceilidh band in 2015, the band have grown and developed over the past 6 years into a group of enthusiastic young adults who are making a huge impression on the traditional music scene in Scotland. Alongside traditional Scottish music the band also like to perform some well-known crowd-pleasing classics.

Supported by an ever-increasing loyal fanbase, Rhuvaal continue to grow in popularity and experience. In 2020 Rhuvaal released their Debut EP ‘Horizon,’ and are now focussing on writing more of their own music and playing at many more festivals and events.


After successful performances at Cowal Gathering in 2018, we are thrilled The American Rogues are returning.

Featuring musicians from Canada and America, they have drawn favourable comparisons with the likes of Wolfstone and have electrified audiences on three continents for many years and have established themselves as artists with bona fide international acclaim.

They are known for their epic sound that crosses the musical landscape to include jigs, reels, hornpipes, originals, covers, foot stompers and more.  They are guaranteed to bring a lively performance to the Cowal Music Tent.

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