Our Patrons

The support of our patrons is invaluable, enabling us to improve the Cowal Gathering for spectators and competitors.

Patron support means that we can develop the gathering, while honouring the event’s great history and traditions. Becoming a patron gives you the opportunity to be associated with this world-class event. You’ll also be helping to secure the future of this unique and historic Highland games. The details of the patron schemes are listed below as well as a link to download an application form.

Become a patron


only £200 + £40 annual subscription

We offer life patronage to supporters who make a substantial generous donation to the Cowal Gathering.

Life Patrons are entitled to unique benefits. As a Life Patron you’ll receive:

  • Complimentary ticket for each day
  • Complimentary programme
  • Life Patron certificate (first year only)
  • Access to the Patrons’ Marquee
  • Ability to pre-book one seat in the Grandstand on Saturday
  • Listing in the programme and on the website

Become a Life Patron


only £180 (incl. VAT) per annum

Business patronage is for businesses, clubs or groups who wish to support the Cowal Gathering and increase their profile by association.

The package consists of:

  • Business Patron certificate
  • Listing in the event programme
  • Listing on the website
  • Listing on the sponsors board at the event
  • 4 complimentary tickets for Friday and Saturday
  • Access to the Patrons’ Marquee and a complimentary glass of wine on arrival

Become a Business Patron


only £45 per annum

The patron package is for people who want to support the event and enjoy the comfort of the Patrons Marquee. The fee is payable on an annual basis.

The package comprises:

  • Complimentary ticket for Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Patrons rosette
  • Access to the Patrons’ Marquee
  • Complimentary programme

Become a Patron

Our Patrons

Honorary Life Patrons

Morgan Bamford
Angus Cameron
Andrew Currie
Billy Forsyth MBE
Annie Grant
George Mitchelson
Frances Paterson MBE
Colleen Rintamaki
Cameron Spence


Life Patrons 2023

Dr. Janet Anderson
Ross Armour
Marion Boath
Lisa Breck
Julie Brown
Mrs. Gillian Buchan
Catherine Caldwell
Chris & Barbara Campbell
Lorna Campbell
Tom Clements
Linda Cramb
Mr & Mrs Lyle Crawford
Mr. Sandy Disselduff
Sarah Douglas
Marica Evans
John Farley
Sharon Farrar
Jeanette Ferguson
William Ferguson
Robert & Marilyn Fisher
Catherine Fisher
Helen Flannagan (Ford)
Helen Ford
Norm Garland
Juli Garland
Elaine Garton
Richard Garton
Elizabeth Gollan
Helen Fitzpatrick Haddow
Jennifer Hamilton
Marilyn Harrop(Brown)
Sarah Hendry
Stephanie Higgins
Mr. George & Betsy Johnstone
Mrs. Christine Johnstone
Brenna Kilby
Kevin Kilby
Violet Kilby
Cheryl Kirby
David Lamb
Rhona Lawrence
Mr & Mrs T Lucas
Mrs and J.A. MacArthur of that Ilk
Anne MacDonald
Eilidh MacDonald
Kerry MacDonald
Alison MacGregor Mathers
Margaret MacInnes
Gordon MacKellar
David MacLagan
Linda McClean
Ian McColm
James McCorkindale
John McDiarmid
Neil McKay
Diarmid McVicar
Sylvia Morrison
Ben Nicoll
Marlyn Peers
Steven Pollock
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Natalie Quick
Shendl Russell
Melaney Smith
Emma Thompson
Celeste Walker Duncan
Mr & Mrs W Weaver
Jeneffer C. Zielinski


Allan Aitkenhead
Dorothy Aitkenhead
Lewis Armour
Kathryn Armstrong
Sandra Bald Jones
Nick Bancks
Karen Bancks
Blair Barlow
Alan Barr
Charles Benson
Katrina Berry
Peter Berry
Murray Bowman
Linda Bowman
Heather Breck
Laura Breck
Sabrina Brolly
Nigel Brown
Pamela Bruce
Elizabeth Budge
Mark Budge
Russell Crammond
Nicola Currie
Farzaneh Dastkhordi
Nicky Dastkhordi
Deborah Dennett
Ella Edgar MBE
Diane Fletcher
Angela Fraser
Dawn Fraser
Lindsey Geddes
Elizabeth Good
Robert Graham
Gail Grigor
Kerry Grosser
Peter Hall
Fiona Henderson
Stella Henderson
Annette Jappy
Jacqueline Johnston
Mark Johnston
Christine Lacey
Jeanette Lacey
Mary Lamb
Aileen Langford
Danielle Law
Margaret Law
Ruth & Jim Lee
Linda Lesperance
Leigh Letson
Mhairi Lethley
Yvonne Love
James Love
Sheena MacFie
Catriona MacGregor
May MacGregor
Pamela McLeod
Donald McDiarmid
Karen McGill
Angela McGrath
Alison McTaggart
Gillian McTaggart
Laura McTaggart
Leah McTaggart
Lara McVeigh
Georgina Morrison
Marlene Morrison
Debbie Muir
Shirley Muir
Alison Munro
Alan Napier
Elizabeth Napier
Linda Napier
Celia Orr
Ann-Marie Pyke
Janette Raffino
Linda Rankin
Morven Sim
Robert Speirs
Janice Speirs
Irene Storie
T.S. Storie
David Talbot
Diana Taylor
Jean Taylor
Kate Taylor
Heather Templeton
Ciorstan Templeton
Anne Walker
Amy Warren
Struan West
Karen Willett
Elizabeth Wren
Fiona Wright
Richard Yardley