Artie’s Singing Kettle

We are delighted to confirm that Artie will be joining us again in 2024.

The Singing Kettle’s founder is back with his popular singalong show for children. The original Singing Kettles are back too, overflowing with clues for your favourite songs.

Bunny Fou Fou, Eelly Alley O, Boa Constrictor – all the “hits”. Great fun for the whole family. Bring Granny too and Artie promises not to shove her off the Bus.

Short shows throughout the day.

Show times: To be announced closer to the event.

This event is sponsored by Cove UK.

Cove UK has a reputation for family-friendly holidays across their 11 parks and resorts, so partnering with Cowal Gathering, which offers one of Scotland’s best family-friendly events promises an unforgettable day out.


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