Heavy Athletics Results 2023

Trophy Winners 2023

The Cowal Gathering Championship (Scratch) for the Sutherland Trophy

Craig Winslow – Scotland

The John Tyre Trophy for Tossing the Caber

Martin Tim Kuhne

The David Allen Sangster Memorial Trophy for Top Female Athlete

Mhairi Porterfield – Scotland

The Clan Currie Society Shield for Top Female Caber

Lucy Marshall – Crick

International Heavy Events Team Trophy


Janelle Currie Memorial Trophy for Weight for Distance

Daniel Carlin – Scotland

Overall Winners Table

Mens Competition

1st    Craig Winslow – Scotland
2nd   Daniel Carlin – Scotland
3rd   Martin Tim Kuhne – Germany
4th   Stefan Dumitrica – Austria
5th   Martin Schiller – Austria
6th   Vincent Hinz – Germany

Overall Winners Table

Womens Competition

1st    Mhairi Porterfield – Scotland
2nd   Christina Scheffauer – Austria
3rd   Rachel Hunter – Scotland
4th   Lucy Marshall – Crick
5th   Mollie Hoss Kuhne – Germany

Shot Put – 16lb Ball 

1st    Daniel Carlin – 13.86m
2nd   Martin Tim Kuhne – 13.83m
3rd   Craig Winslow – 13.53m
4th   Stefan Dumitrica – 12.77m
5th   Martin Schiller – 11.46m
6th   Vincent Hinz – 9.88m

Womens Shot Put – 16lb Ball

1st    Christina Scheffauer – 12.76
2nd   Mhairi Porterfield – 12.73m
3rd   Lucy Marshall – 10.36m
4th   Rachel Hunter – 10.05m
5th   Mollie Hoss Kuhne – 8.19m

Throwing 28lb Weight

1st   Daniel Carlin – 21.31m
2nd  Craig Winslow – 19.9m
3rd   Martin Tim Kuhne – 19.85m
4th   Stefan Dumitrica – 17.59m
5th   Vincent Hinz – 16.32m
6th   Martin Schiller – 15.73m

Womens Throwing 14lb Weight

1st    Mhairi Porterfield – 18.68m
2nd   Rachel Hunter – 17.19m
3rd    Lucy Marshall – 15.0m
4th   Mollie Hoss Kuhne – 13.55m
5th   Christina Scheffauer – 13.47m

16lb Hammer – Scots Style

1st    Craig Winslow – 39.20m
2nd   Martin Tim Kuhne – 34.59m
3rd   Daniel Carlin – 34.55m
4th   Martin Schiller – 32.15
5th   Stefan Dumitrica – 30.24m
6th   Vincent Hinz – 25.58m

Womens 16lb Hammer – Scots Style

1st    Rachel Hunter – 31.23m
2nd   Christina Scheffauer – 30.96m
3rd   Mhairi Porterfield – 29.48m
4th   Lucy Marshall – 28.7m
5th   Mollie Hoss Kuhne – 23.25m

56lb Weight for Height

1st    Craig Winslow
2nd   Daniel Carlin
3rd   Martin Tim Kuhne
4th   Stefan Dumitrica

Womens Weight for Height (28lb)

1st    Lucy Marshall
2nd   Rachel Hunter
3rd   Mhairi Porterfield
4th   Christina Scheffauer
5th   Mollie Hoss Kuhne

Tossing the Tillhill Caber

1st    Craig Winslow
2nd   Daniel Carlin
3rd   Stefan Dumitrica
4th   Martin Schiller
5th   Martin Tim Kuhne
6th   Vincent Hinz

Womens Tossing the Tillhill Caber

1st    Mhairi Porterfield
2nd   Christina Scheffauer
3rd   Mollie Hoss Kuhne
4th   Rachel Hunter
5th   Lucy Marshall

The Cowal Stone

1st    Daniel Carlin
2nd   Craig Winslow
3rd   Martin Tim Kuhne
4th   Stefan Dumitrica
5th   Martin Schiller
6th   Vincent Hinz

Womens Cowal Stone (14lb)

1st    Mhairi Porterfield
2nd   Christina Scheffauer
3rd   Lucy Marshall
4th   Rachel Hunter
5th   Mollie Hoss Kuhne