Heavy Athletics Results 2017

Overall Winners Table

Mens Competition

1st    Daniel Dorow – Germany

2nd   Daniel Carlin – Scotland

3rd    Heisi Geirmundsson – Iceland

4th    Svavar Sigursteinsson – Iceland

5th    Ives Gerlinger – Germany

6th    Andre Bonne – Germany

7th    Neil Elliott – Scotland

8th    Willie Falconer – Scotland

9th    Birgir Solveigarsson – Iceland

Overall Winners Table

Womens Competition

1st     Lucy Marshall – Crick

2nd   Sylvana Bomholt – Germany

3rd    Thora Porsteinsdottir – Iceland

4th    Ellie Fulton – Scotland

Throwing 28lb Weight

1st   Daniel Dorow – 22.27m

2nd  Daniel Carlin – 22.05m

3rd   Willie Falconer – 19.7m

4th   Ives Gerlinger – 19.45m

5th   Neil Elliott – 19.27m

Womens Throwing 14lb Weight

1st    L Marshall – 17.11m

2nd   S Bomholt – 16.04m

3rd    E Fulton – 15.36m

4th    T Porsteinsdottir – 13.90m

16lb Hammer – Scots Style

1st   Daniel Dorrow – 40.21m

2nd  Daniel Carlin- 35.90m

3rd   S Sigursteinsson – 34.93m

4th   Ives Gerlinger – 34.76m

5th   H Geirmundsson – 33.65m

Womens 16lb Hammer – Scots Style

1st     Lucy Marshall – 32.46m

2nd   S Bomholt – 32.34m

3rd    T Porsteinsdottir – 29.18m

4th    Ellie Fulton – 23.15m

56lb Weight for Height

1st    Daniel Carlin – 14.6 ft

2nd   S Sigursteinsson – 14.0 ft

3rd    B Solveigarsson – 13.6 ft

4th    Daniel Dorow – 13.6 ft

5th    H Geirmundsson -12.6 ft

Womens Weight for Height (28lb)

1st    Lucy Marshall – 14.6 ft

2nd   S Bomholt – 14.0 ft

3rd    E Fulton – 14.0 ft

4th    T Porsteinsdottir – 12.4 ft

Tossing the Tillhill Caber

1st    Neil Elliott

2nd   Daniel Dorow

3rd    H Geirmundsson

4th    I Gerlinger

5th    Andre Bonne

Womens Tossing the Tillhill Caber

1st    Sylvana Bomholt

2nd   Lucy Marshall

3rd    T Porsteinsdottir

4th    Ellie Fulton

The Cowal Stone

1st    H Geirmundsson – 9.47m

2nd   Daniel Carlin – 9.03m

3rd    Daniel Dorrow – 8.87m

4th    Andre Bonne – 8.45m

5th    S Sigursteinsson – 8.38m

Womens Cowal Stone (14lb)

1st    Lucy Marshall – 10.39m

2nd   Sylvana Bomholt – 9.47m

3rd    T Porsteinsdottir – 8.77m

4th   Ellie Fulton – 8.46m