Highland Dancing Trophies

World Championship Trophies

Event 54 – Juvenile

Lawrie Challenge Trophy
Castle Toward Cup
McNiven Cuthbertson Cup
Balliemore Shield
Mary McNeill Challenge Trophy
Clan Forsyth Shield


Event 55 – Junior

Argyllshire Standard Challenge T
Urquhart Challenge Trophy
Beattie Bowl Challenge Trophy
Elizabeth Wesley Memorial T
City of Edinburgh SOBHD Trophy
Clan Forsyth Shield


Event 56 – Adult

JL Mackenzie Trophy
Australia Cup
Mrs. Judith Meikle Challenge T
Scotdance Canada Cup
Percy Geddes of New Zealand R
Clan Forsyth Shield


Event 54 – Best Juvenile Dancer

Scotland – Jessie Haggerty MBE Trophy

Overseas – The James Lomath Trophy


Event 55 – Best Junior Dancer

Scotland – Elspeth Strathern Memorial Trophy

Overseas – The World Conference Founders Trophy


Event 56 – Best Adult Dancer

Scotland – Victor Wesley Challenge Trophy

Overseas – Mary McHarg Quaich

Scottish National Championship Trophies

Event A

David Robertson Cup
Elizabeth Low Trophy
Linda Napier Shield
Margaret Lauder McQuiston
UKA Trophy
UKA Trophy

Event B

Stewart Bowman Memorial
Alison & Brenda Gordon R.B
The Carol Collie Shield
Robert Innes Memorial Sh.
UKA Trophy
UKA Trophy

Event C

Anna Bain Cup
Jan Louise Doherty Cup
Gillian Greig Shield
The Clynder Cup
UKA Trophy
UKA Trophy

Event D

Frances Paterson Trophy
Jacqueline Aird Trophy
The Burnett School Shield
The Elizabeth Low Shield
Nina Hemingway Cup
McLean Cup

Event E

McDonald Trophy
Stephanie & Victoria Buchan
Clan Forsyth Shield
Evelyn McLaren Memorial
Christine Campbell Memorial Trophy
The Margaret Cropper Memorial Cup – Previously UKA Trophy

Event F

Jackie Sanderson Trophy
Elizabeth Gollan Trophy
Nicola Grant Rosebowl
The Suzanne Moreau Trophy
The Strachans Cup
Catherine Coutts Cup

Event G

Delma Wilson Challenge T.
The Rathlin Cup
Maureen Barr Trophy
David Hogg Trophy
Grace Watson Memorial Trophy
Violet Graham Memorial Cup

Event H

The Young-Grassick Cup
The Ann Green Trophy
Robert & Evelyn Clark Trophy
Joan Alexander Memorial S.
Christine Lacey MBE
Christine O’Donnell

Event I

Sheila McKay Cup
Joanna Buchan Trophy
Janet Gardner Trophy
Audrey Watt Dance School
The Barker Family Cup
The Helen Ford Cup

Event J

The Wilma Tolmie Cup
Marion & Leona Boath Trophy
Janet Cook Trophy
Tracey MacDonald Cup
Scottish Highland Dance Academy, Western Australia
Scottish Dancing Association of Australia Cup

Event K

UKA Trophy
Dawn Fraser
The Ritchie Gibson Cup
Scottish Highland and National Dancing Association of Australia Cup
Marna Tredrea Australia

Event L

Anne Mcilroy Memorial Trophy
Moira MacLauchlan Graham Memorial Trophy
Auntie Ivy Memorial Trophy
Nina Hemingway Rosebowl
The Ross Armour Cup
The May Hughes Trophy

Argyllshire Championship Trophies

Event 4

The Corrigal Black Trophy
Cowal Cup

Event 5A

Christina Cairns Trophy
Margaret Ford Challenge Trophy

Event 5B

The Esplanade Hotel Trophy
Newbery Shield

Event 6A

Isa and Duncan Lauder Memorial
Auchamore Shield

Event 6B

James McCorkindale Trophy
John & Christine McGeachie T

Event 7

Gerald & Mary Simmons Trophy
John Brown Memorial Trophy

Event 51

Margaret Tait Challenge Trophy
Rita Ford Challenge Trophy
Blincow Cup
The Ben Nicoll Cup
Anne McIlroy School of Dance Shield
Margaret-Anne Speirs School of Dance

Event 51A

D.A.Martin Memorial cup
Angel Wings Forever Cup
Claire Wilson School of Dance
The Morven Murphy Cup
The Sylvia Morrison Cup
The Bute Cup

Event 52

JC Forrest Challenge Trophy
John Ford Challenge Trophy
Councillor Vivien Dance Cup
Inveraray Dancing Assoc Cup
Joanne McGeachie Trophy
Margaret Riley Cup

Event 53

The Islay Trophy
Katrina Martin Challenge Trophy
Margaret Rose Cup
Isla Sinclair Cup
Dunoon Highland Festival Trophy
Drummond Cup

Scottish Championship Trophies

Event 8

Chris Cameron Memorial Trophy
Rhona & Gillian Lawrence T.
Ailsa Diana Burden Trophy
Cecilia Orr 50th Anniversary
Aaron Brown Memorial
Walker School of Dance Cup

Event 9

Mary Nixon Memorial Trophy
Jean Swanston Trophy
Jean Fisher Paterson Memorial C
Frances Paterson Trophy
The Peggy Clow Memorial Trophy
BATD Trophy

Event 10

Milton Trophy
Sandy Angus Trophy
The Ritchie Gibson Trophy
Elizabeth Gollan Trophy
O.B.H.D.(S.A) Trophy
SDTA Trophy

Event 11

Elkington Challenge Trophy
Ferris-Lay Trophy
The Elizabeth Low Shield
Christine Kean Memorial Cup
The Isabel Geddes Memorial Cup
UKA Trophy

Event 12

Isobel St John Trophy
Betty Forrest Trophy
Flora Grubb Trophy
The Uncle Iain Memorial Trophy
The Jeanette Shearer Cup
BATD Trophy

Event 13

Margaret Fisher Trophy
Cecilia Orr Quaich
The Stewart-Roe Friendship S.
Marion Boath Cup
The Alex and May Martin Cup
SDTA Trophy

Event 14

William Inglis Memorial Trophy
John Brown Rose Bowl
The Tasmania Shield
Eilidh MacInnes Trophy
Rhona Lawrence Cup
UKA Trophy

Event 15

Bob & Marjorie Lamont Memorial
Christie Park Cup
Rosaline Hendry Trophy
Pam Dignan Trophy
The Gillian Lawrence Cup
The Associations Trophy

Best Male Dancer in Scottish Championships – Events 8-15

The May G Falconer Trophy

Best Scottish Dancer (Resident) – Events 8-15

The May Falconer Memorial Trophy